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Directors and Officers: Prepare Now Before the Wolves Come. (February 2019)

As an officer and/or director of a company, along with the responsibilities and rewards come certain legal risks. Think you are protected by corporate indemnification agreements and insurance? Think again. Those defenses, if not well planned and maintained, can have lots of holes and weak spots. In today’s newsletter I examine how to build a good defense before the wolves come. Read more…

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Uncertainty, And Its Cost To Your Business (January 2019)

Government policy uncertainty is a costly drag on the economy. Policy uncertainty within your own company can be a drag too. In the economy, much is a consequence of democracy. In your own company, it is usually caused by leadership and so is avoidable. Today’s newsletter examines this important concept and offers suggestions on how to avoid creating policy uncertainty in the first place and how to manage it when you can’t. Read more…

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Why You Must Do an Annual “Look Ahead” Exercise (November 2018)

In business, there will always be factors — both internal and external — that may appear on the horizon and that can throw everything for a loop. So, make it a habit to pause from the day-to-day and take an objective look ahead at upcoming trends. In today’s newsletter we examine this concept and offer five pointers for making this happen in your organization. Read more…