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Thoughts on Leading the Next Generation (July 2019)

A lot has been said and written about the differences (and, therefore, difficulties) inherent in working with today’s Millennials. While I acknowledge that differences exist, for the most part, the various generations have more in common than we may realize. Instead, I recommend focusing on six areas that well-led organizations tend to share, the subject of today’s newsletter. Read more…

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Understanding the Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio (and why it matters) (June 2019)

Do you know what a Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio is? You should. A lowering of this important ratio is a warning that your company’s financial situation has deteriorated. And, the structure of your debt affects this ratio too. Today’s newsletter explains the FCCR and why it matters to those who would lend you money, as well as to you, for keeping an eye on the financial health of your operation. Read more…

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Directors and Officers: Prepare Now Before the Wolves Come. (February 2019)

As an officer and/or director of a company, along with the responsibilities and rewards come certain legal risks. Think you are protected by corporate indemnification agreements and insurance? Think again. Those defenses, if not well planned and maintained, can have lots of holes and weak spots. In today’s newsletter I examine how to build a good defense before the wolves come. Read more…