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How to Pick a Lender (December 2023)

Choosing an appropriate bank for your business is a non-trivial, yet often overlooked decision. A good match is important, and changing lenders is never simple. In today’s newsletter, I lay out the factors to consider and walk you through a typical winnowing process from start to finish. Read more…

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Making Change Happen in Your Organization (November 2023)

In business, change isn’t just inevitable — it’s essential for survival and growth. But making change happen in any organization can be difficult; it requires more than just a few tweaks at the edges, here and there. In today’s newsletter, I share my firsthand experiences with organizational change and offer insights into what really drives successful transformations. By applying these concepts to your own circumstances, you will greatly increase your likelihood of success. Read more…

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Liquidation Value – What It Is, Why It Matters & What to Do With It (October 2023)

When a business is in financial trouble, an understanding of its “liquidation value” is essential. Liquidation value is the value of the monetized components of the business, such as accounts receivables, equipment, etc., should the business not be sold as an ongoing concern. Who gets what is then a function of creditor claims on specific assets. This month, I explain why a thorough analysis of the various components and expert guidance regarding the “creditor waterfall” are essential pieces to this complicated puzzle. Read more…