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Goodrich & Associates

Non-banking Lessons From Silicon Valley Bank (April 2023)

As former Secretary of State, George Schultz once said, “Trust is the Coin of the Realm.” Nowhere is that more important than in running a business that remains successful over the long term. In today’s newsletter, using the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank as an example, we take a look at what can happen — in any industry — when trust evaporates. Read more…

Goodrich & Associates

Tips On Keeping Your Lender(s) Happy (March 2023)

A good relationship with your lenders is important. You depend on them for liquidity and, in turn, they (rightfully) expect you to be forthright, timely, and capable in your communications regarding your financials. With that in mind, today’s newsletter looks at some “Do’s and Don’ts” when working with your lenders. Read more…