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Prepare Now For the Next Recession (November 2022)

There is little doubt that a recession is on its way. The hard part, of course, is knowing when it will arrive. Regardless of the timing, there are things that every business should do now to prepare. Doing so will leave you in a stronger financial position when it occurs, and may even provide you with new opportunities. Today’s newsletter highlights four key things worth doing to prepare. Read more…

Goodrich & Associates

Beware the Risks Your Business Can’t Transfer (October 2022)

Every business faces risk. Fortunately, some of these risks can be transferred, primarily through various types of insurance. Many other types of risk cannot, and so the business owner is stuck with them. In today’s newsletter, in which I use business interruption as an example, I explain how to identify non–transferable risk and offer suggestions regarding what to do about it. Read more…

Goodrich & Associates

How to Liquidate a Business (August 2022)

Having to liquidate a business — for whatever reason — is rarely a happy event for its owners. However, if and when that day arrives, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure the best possible outcome. Today’s newsletter considers the available options and offers tips for managing the process as painlessly and effectively as possible. Read more…