Goodrich & Associates

Therion Biologic, a biotech company

  • Prepared Schedules & Statements and otherwise facilitated the Chapter 7 filing of Therion Biologic in Delaware.
  • All employees had been terminated and all records shipped to storage prior to the start of the engagement.

International Branded Eyewear Distributor

  • Interim Wind Down Manger
  • Met wind down budget despite unsuccessful attempt to sell business by secured lender.
  • Set up vendor deductions during wind down for recovery as preference items by Trustee. Minimized Wal-Mart deductions during wind down.
  • Facilitated transfer of licenses that lead to bulk sales at favorable terms.

Breakaway Solutions

  • Daily crisis management focused on trade relationships – negotiated vendor repayment plans and buyouts including situations where creditor already had judgment and attachment. Kept company out of bankruptcy until $30MM PIPE closed.
  • Established accounts payable function and controls to keep critical vendors current.

Goldman Industrial Group

  • Responsible for consolidated group cash flow forecast for this $300MM+ revenue machine tool manufacturer.
  • Managed critical vendor relation ships for Bridgeport Machine Tool subsidiary.


  • Liquidated, by way of a Delaware statutory liquidation, this non-profit whose members were the research hospitals in Greater New York City.
  • Convinced members to contribute over $1MM to fund a proper wind down including a token distribution to creditors. 
  • Neither the creditors nor the members took any formal legal action.
  • Found a home for AMDeC’s crown jewel, a pioneering database of DNA samples that led to over 70 published papers.