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Critical Constraints Create Opportunity Cost (July 2021)

Opportunity cost is a big picture means of looking at things. It comes down to determining the highest use and highest value of a limited resource, whether that’s time, money, production capacity, or something else. In today’s newsletter, I examine four critical constraints that create opportunity cost in the first place and share suggestions for identifying and managing them. Read more…

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Is Your Data Good Enough? (June 2021)

When evaluating business decisions that have gone wrong, I often find that it is the data itself — not the conclusions that were derived from it — that was flawed. In today’s newsletter, I share examples of how bad data has led to bad decisions, and offer suggestions for ensuring that the data you rely on is well conceived.
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Trust is the Coin of the Realm (February 2021)

Trust is a critical ingredient in the smooth flow of business transactions. As former Secretary of State George Schultz, the man behind the Reagan-era arms reduction agreements with the Soviets emphasized, “Trust is the coin of the realm.” In today’s newsletter, we highlight some of the ways in which you can build — or break down this valuable asset. Read more…