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How to Liquidate a Business (August 2022)

Having to liquidate a business — for whatever reason — is rarely a happy event for its owners. However, if and when that day arrives, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure the best possible outcome. Today’s newsletter considers the available options and offers tips for managing the process as painlessly and effectively as possible. Read more…

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Are You Making Real Money? (July 2022)

Every business needs to “make money.” But the term itself can mean many different things, depending upon the measures used and the circumstances involved. In today’s newsletter, we explain the concepts underlying this term and offer suggestions for making sure you are applying them accurately in the way you make decisions and measure your success. Read more…

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Risk Type, its Interaction with Price Elasticity, and Market Equilibrium (April 2022)

I have written before about the importance of understanding the difference between idiosyncratic risk and systemic risk. In today’s newsletter, I expand these two types of risk to a lens that looks at business problems. Then I discuss how this lens interacts with the concept of price elasticity. Why? I show how this understanding can help your business face the challenges presented by Covid, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, general price inflation, and more, particularly with respect to product pricing. Read more…