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Goodrich & Associates

Distressed Investing Opportunities Are Back (October 2020)

It has taken some time, but the current pandemic has reached the point where distressed investing opportunities are beginning to appear. Generally, there are three types of buyers for distressed companies: Serial Investors, Newbie Investors, and profitable businesses that view distressed companies as an opportunity to expand. In today’s newsletter, we take a look at each and examine some dos and don’ts regarding their respective approaches. Read more…

Goodrich & Associates

Take Time Now to Assess Where You Stand (September 2020)

The pandemic has provided a pause with lenders and other creditors. If your business has survived, you may think there is little to worry about. Maybe that’s true. But true or not, this is a good point at which to consider the potential impact of COVID on your business as the ground continues to shift over the next several months. Today’s newsletter gets specific regarding how. Read more…