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Insolvency and bankruptcy


  • Prepare bankruptcy schedules and statement of financial affairs.
  • Gather data requested by the US Trustee and unsecured creditors’ committee. Manage the US Trustee relationship.
  • Experienced in Delaware and Southern New York bankruptcy courts.
  • Assist in plan formulation. ¬†Bring the perspective of a plan administrator.
  • Specialty is post 363 sale situations. Provide fresh, cost effective leadership that drives to a liquidating plan. Replace prepetition directors and officers when desired.
  • Plan administrator and/or claims administrator.

Crisis Management

  • Provide onsite leadership as CRO or CFO to stabilize and sell or refinance with limited to no cash availability
  • Rolling 13 week cash flow with forecasted working capital and borrowing base.
  • Manage trade creditors.
  • Facilitate and accelerate information flow to speed sale process for the seller.


  • Advise on the best liquidation method including bankruptcy, state court options and out of court approaches.
  • Minimize owner and officer liability.
  • Minimize wind down costs.
  • Maximize recovery from tangible and intangible assets.
  • Avoid wasted legal and due diligence costs for first time distressed buyers.
  • Advise on plan formulation for buyers. Utilize debtor professionals to minimize investor costs.
  • Manage trade creditors.
  • Explore alternatives to bankruptcy purchase.

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