Goodrich & Associates

Past and Ongoing Client Assignments

The following assignments are representative of the type of engagements we have participated in over the past ten years. The companies fell into two basic categories: those companies wishing to improve performance and accelerate strategy execution and those companies that are insolvent.

Coaching is a service that has recently become popular and requested by many of our clients. Although we have practiced coaching as part of our regular services, we have never separated it out as a distinct service. As demand has grown, we felt it made sense to separate coaching out as a distinct service. In our explanation you will notice that it was and is part of our “Performance Acceleration” services group.

Performance Acceleration

These are services designed for companies that wish to:

  • Accelerate strategy execution
  • Improve business performance
  • Strengthen business controls
  • Better understand profitability along key dimensions and…
  • Have poor or no processes in place thereby hindering strategic execution.

For companies that wish to improve and enhance their performance, we tailor a plan of tested and proven tactics that improve business performance. We also coach finance executives to address these challenges quickly and successfully and facilitate M&A transactions for either the buyer or seller.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

These services were designed for insolvent companies that wish to restructure or liquidate in or out of bankruptcy. The value of our services is derived from our experience in all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency, from pre-petition preparation to obtaining a final decree. We understand what happens at the beginning of the process can effect the back-end of the process. For distressed companies we offer:

  • Transaction Facilitation Services
  • Crisis Management and Insolvency Services and…
  • Strengthen business controls
  • Distressed Investing Advisory Services.

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