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Do You Really Know What Your Business Real Estate Is Worth? (October 2019)

Without question, real estate can be valuable collateral for a loan, or as a source of cash for a business that is restructuring its operation. But there are many things to consider and more than a few pitfalls to beware of. In today’s newsletter, we take a look at factors that need to be taken into consideration when properly valuing your business real estate. Read more…

Goodrich & Associates

Are You Sure You’re Really Making Money? (August 2019)

Most businesses “Make Money.” But do they make enough? “Making Money” or being profitable is an imprecise term, one with several possible definitions depending on the measures used and the circumstances involved. Understanding your cost of capital — and translating it into practical business measures and decisions — is a critical aspect in this regard. Read on for more on this important topic. Read more…

Goodrich & Associates

Thoughts on Leading the Next Generation (July 2019)

A lot has been said and written about the differences (and, therefore, difficulties) inherent in working with today’s Millennials. While I acknowledge that differences exist, for the most part, the various generations have more in common than we may realize. Instead, I recommend focusing on six areas that well-led organizations tend to share, the subject of today’s newsletter. Read more…